About Deborah

Deborah Walters

I have lived a diverse and passionate life. Since early adolescence, I possessed a voracious appetite for knowledge, wisdom has grown through my life experiences. I’ve pursued joy in all circumstances, and I love laughter–I believe it is restorative.

My career path began 37 years ago just outside of Palm Springs California where my husband and I owned and operated a commercial nursery for 13 years. After leaving the desert, I worked at raising a family, going to school, studying psychology and working at a residential facility.While I found psychology a fascinating endeavor, I decided it was not the direction for me.

My husbands career path brought us cross country to Charlotte in 1993. I had always had a passion for the southwest and Native Americans. So we opened a Southwest retail store. It was a great adventure and learning process, but my passion was the culture and the art, not the day to day retail.

I have always had a servants heart and mad skills for streamlining,  disassembling and reconstructing  into more efficient systems. I launched and managed a successful organizing business for about 12 years. I love being able to reduce stress and free up my clients to live life to its full potential.

Two years ago, however, I realized the need to evaluate and reconstruct my own life, as I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. My organizing business has been very fulfilling, but it is also very demanding physically. The physical demands along with the illness are not a great combination. Yet I have refused to let this extinguish my passion. Instead I have reignited it. I have been studying and training under John Maxwell to do what I believe to be my life’s calling– teaching, coaching and  speaking. This new opportunity has wonderfully incorporated my business, my studies, my life and my personal skills.

I am a certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Teacher. I am equipped to help inspire and ignite others to live intentionally, and move in the direction of their goals. I love John’s philosophy. His desire to daily add value to others mirrors my own passion and my servant’s heart.

I hope that you will let Ignite With Intention inspire you to reach your full potential.